October Letter from Matt Corbridge, Director of Grounds

It has been a tough, wet end to the summer golf season the last couple of months in our area. The maintenance crew has been hard at work doing our best to keep the golf course as dry as possible, the turf mowed down to manageable heights whenever possible and damaged areas repaired when conditions allow.

With the tight scheduling that our busy golf course necessitates, our September greens aerification coincided with the last stretch of very hot weather immediately following Labor Day. We chose to go through with the process despite the hot weather, as there was really no window to move the dates to for the remainder of September. We came out in the end mostly unscathed, with only a few spots suffering from the heat. Those areas are growing back quickly and with the help of some spike seeding and timely fertilizer, the greens will be healed and should be ready and rolling well for the Club Championship.

The fairway spots that suffered the most from the wet and hot weather late in the summer were slit seeded, overseeded, fertilized, and topdressed following aerification and are filling back in nicely. We will continue to baby the drier of these areas back to health. We will add soil and seed to level back out spots that remain so saturated that any traffic or mowing creates muddy ruts and keeps turf from growing. Likewise, we are repairing the untreated rough areas ravaged by a disease called Gray Leaf Spot via slit seeding and overseeding.

We were able to recently clear the hill directly in front of eight Woodlands tee boxes, removing overgrown grasses and woody plants that would soon have affected tee shots coming off the ridge.

Finally, as Club Championship approaches, we hope to add one more application of topdressing sand to the greens, weather permitting. This would help to smooth the putting surface and fill any inconsistencies and ball marks created by the wet, saturated conditions we have been experiencing. Please be diligent in fixing your ball marks!

We are looking forward to a (hopefully) drier end to the golf season. Get out and enjoy the course while there is time!

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